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I love the game but can we reduce the amount of grinding that we need to do? For me grinding makes it feel less enjoyable. Can we get something that cuts down the grinding time (if it doesn't exist already and I just haven't discovered it) like some kind of equipment that reduces stats but doubles, quadruples, octuples the speed at which we gain skill points, have a training arena that we can just leave our party members in or just make the amount of skill points we need less?
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Jun 1 17 1:00 AM

Take a look at this document, go to the "Planned Battle Changes" section near the end. The idea is that there are many changes to be done, but it will take time and people to work on it. Also, try the "Mentor" tactic, it's designed to help level up chars faster (though it doesn't affect proficiency levels, only stat exp). For proficiency levels, the only workaround right now is abusing the multitarget proficiency exp bug for AoE skills, using dual wielding when possible or manually edit skill groups. See guides and help files for more details.

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