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I wrote this in December, but never posted it- with the speed of recent updates, it may be obselete already..

Its been awhile, and there have been a few adjustments.  New things are being added every week, although much of my original guide stands up. But many of the monsters have been buffed up a bit, and your side has been nerfed
There are presently 5 heros to choose between (It looks like they are planning to add a 6th, a Paladin). Many of the quests have slightly different dialogues, depending on your hero.
The noble, Henri Bismarck- Perhaps the best starting choice. He's been deprived of his "rogue" class, so can no longer use dual wield guns, or equip a gun and dagger. But he can still dual wield daggers, and his "gas gun" skill is the only starting skill that damages all opponents. He also starts with more gold
The warrior, David Marin- lone survivor of an army raid on another dimension. (his unit was betrayed by his own side, for the loot). He can use two swords at once.  He can access a merchant who sells some better two-handed weapons and armors right from the start. (he can't AFFORD it, but the guy will sell to him).  He also can't hire the Barb mercenary
The wizard, Aarolon Velnor-out to prove a radical magical theory. He's been seriously nerfed, and IMO is the LEAST useful hero right now. The new skill system means he has to work on each spell line (fire, water, darkness, etc) seperately. The good news, if you are aiming by keyboard, you can actually multi-target enemies with most spells (press the left arrow) for reduced damage .  NONE of his skills improve his agility, so he's soon the last person to attack.  Lots of boss/high level opponents use "reflect", or have SERIOUS magic resistance.  After "Book to the head" (non-element 15), his new research spells are "microwave" (wind & thunder 25), hurricane (wind & water 35), and gravity well (Darkness 50) 
The Occultist, Maya Kumashiro-run away apprentice.  She's much improved- bow skill, starting damage skill, as well as her normal white magic.  At healing 35, can cast "Esuna", which eliminates most negative conditions.  Although the new item "remedy", does the same thing.... As a female, she can work in her own brothel, as well as train other girls.
The lancer, Aelia- chasing David Marin for robbing her fortress.  Another good starting hero.  All her abilities depend on her "spear" skill, from her dragon knight beginner spell "lancet" (steal life and mana), to "Reis' wind" (regenerate everyone's health several turns), and her ultimate skill "Dreaded Dragon" (Fire blast on all opponents) (unfortunately, she doesn't get any normal "lancer" skills except "jump")
Starting Brothel...I think the island might now be best to start, but I still prefer the mountain brothel ("Hot House"). They are all alike (2 beds for slaves, 1 room for working, no upgrades available).  Each area has a quest chain that requires owning that brothel, but they are cheap to purchase later(1000 gold each).
Gamespeed- it starts fairly high, and generally you want it as slow as possible (game time keeps passing at all times, even during fights and cutscenes.  Press "9" or "-" at your soonest opportunity- probably when buying your first slave ("0" and "+" increase time speed)
Speaking of time- 16:00 is very important.  It is the start of your brothel's working hours, and you can't change jobs or modify your battle party from 16:00 to  04:00. Any girls in your battle party at 16:00 will NOT do their scheduled brothel jobs.
Mercenaries now have an on-going cost, and their initial hiring cost has increased. The slavers guild will still store about 168 girls for free, before they start losing them.  Lots more girls available for quests.
Battle skills - sweep has been nerfed, the stun chance has been greatly reduced. the total damage done from converting a spell to multi-target is usually half what the single target would do.  Lots of Bosses are now immune to "stun", but "bleed" still works on most of them (10% max health damage per round).  If you've got a scythe wielder, all her skills have a 2% instakill chance, and at least 5% bleed.  Katana wielders are also good (confuse, stun and bleed skills). Healing Items are still a good investment. (herbal remedies heal a percentage of your health, Cure spells heal based on intelligence/charisma. Magic powder adds a percentage of your mana back)
Grinding- all skills are improved by successful use (which makes the shield skills a little slow to upgrade-several of them require you to block/be hit to improve). Physical abilities are also improved this way- casting spells increases intelligence (the more damage the better), most melee/bow attacks increase agility and strength (depends on damage and weapon used), constitution (hp) is improved by taking damage (again, the more damage the better), skills for slaves may also be improved by teachers, and doing jobs in the brothels (Dancing greatly increases a girls reputation, sex increases sex and obedience, etc)
Saving- there is no auto-save.  If your entire party dies in combat, thats a game ender.  There are 4 save slots, in case you want to explore some alternate paths.  Unfortunately, a lot of these branches you won't see until you've passed them.
Cheats- you need to learn how to re-compile the xml files (editing guide/editing general guide) to alter things. I generally make two changes to speed things up: I go to data->equipment->weapons->daggers, and make poisoned daggers cost 2 million gold.  I'll also alter the "hot house" brothel (data->brothel->hot house) to 9 beds(from 2), 5 rooms(from 1), 1 medic, 1 dancer. (none of the 3 starter brothels seem to have slaves pop up inside, so I don't think I'm messing up too much) 
On to the actual start guide-(it assumes you are not cheating)

First, choose a hero.  Notice the calender and clock in the top left corner. You may be able to slow that clock now (by hitting "9" or "-" repeatedly). Then walk up to the door.  If its your first time playing that hero, go ahead and watch the back-story.  After the flashbacks, you'll get the oppurtunity to get a starter brothel and a slave. I am going to assume you picked the island brothel, and a non-combatant slave. Before you exit the slaver platform, slow down the clock if you haven't done so already.  Now you can choose whether to watch the tutorial-it really doesn't explain much, but you get more back story
Day 1
You're inside your brothel. Walk up to the board in the north wall, and hit "space". On the menu, click "assign brothel job".  If its still before 16:00, you'll be able to set your new slave to work.  You'll see a display with "Ruined Lifeguard Shack" on top, and two highlighted squares- "work Room" and "Bedwarmer".  Click "work room".  There is a display on top that says "workroom", with 2 arrows. Under that, is the day of the week (Sunday), also with 2 arrows.  You'll see a list of one or two names (2 if you chose Maya or Aelia as your hero). click on the new slave's name, and it'll move to the right.  Click the arrow to change it to Monday, and assign her to work tomorrow also.  Notice the button on the left that says "Brothel Management".  The only thing you can change in Brothel management for this brothel is how you handle Disobedience- either handle manually (where you decide after looking at the "secrets menu"), or you can choose an auto option.  I am not sure which is best- Reward the girl for telling you she's been disobedient, or punish her for being disobediant.  Both options would be bad in real life (the girl would be MORE disobedient, to get more rewards, or would never tell you about it, to avoid punishment... I've never seen a "secret" where a girl tattled on someone else...) Exit the menus by hitting "escape" until you see the inside of the brothel again.  That alcove to the south is a door. Walk into it, then hit space to exit the brothel (on most screens you have to hit "space" to enter/exit buildings)
Travel south across the grass to the path, and continue south past the turn offs to the merchant in the purple hat. Hit "space", "c", "enter", or click on the merchant when you are next to him, to talk to him.  This merchant sells both slaves and cheap goods, choose "goods", then "buy".  As you can see, he sells remedy (same as spell "esuna", cures blindness, confusion, stunning, etc- but NOT poison. It might cure bleeding and burning, I haven't tried it), herbal remedies (the cheap on cures 15% of max health, I think the refined is 25%), magic powder (restores 20% Mana), smelling salts (cures death, with about 10% health), and homebrew antidotes (cures poison). As you scroll down the list, you'll reach "knife".  At this point, a picture of your hero will show up in the box on the right, along with their stats. you can press the arrow key to cycle through your slaves and free staff. As you highlight the items, you will see yellow or red numbers appear on the person's stats if they can use the item. Depending on your hero, get some gear (ie a knife for the noble, a cheap sword for the warrior, a bow for Maya, a hat or helm, some gloves or copper armlet). If you've got extra cash, (the noble), go ahead and start buying refineded healing potions, 5 antidotes, some smelling salts... When you are done, hit "escape" twice to exit the purchase menu, and get the main/battle party menu.  Click "equipment", then your hero.  You'll see his current stats, and next to that his current equipment.  As you scroll down the items equipped, you'll see the stuff you own that can go in that slot appear on the bottom. Click on the slot you want to change, and the highlights will move to the items you can equip.  Again, your stats will show yellow or red numbers if that will improve/lower your stats.  Equip the weapons/armor you just purchased, remembering the noble and the warrior can use off-hand weapons. After you've equipped your hero, hit escape, then choose "save".  Pick a slot to save your game.
Follow the path or beach east, and walk south down the small dock. Talk to the ferry man, and you'll be sent to the other island. Continue walking south, down the dock and the sand, then walk east across the grass to the path. Follow the path east until it turns north, then follow it north. Eventually, you'll pass a big Dock, and reach a big white building with an "inn" sign.
Enter the building, then talk to the girl at the desk.  Agree to get her the ale.  Walk back to the big dock, and get the ale from the captain on the ship. Return to the inn, and receive 75 gold.  Leave the inn, and follow the path east and north again, to the Burgomeister's office (it has a sign in front, and a book symbol on the wall).  the guy on the left side rents mercenaries- ignore him for now, I just want you to know where to find him.  Talk to the Burgomeister (because you own property on the island, you can skip the line).  You'll get a job to protect a cargo ship, and she'll assign Tashigi to help you! Tashigi is a quest mercenary- she'll count as one of your hired staff, so she doesn't need a bed in one of your brothels.  She also has some weapons and armor already. When your quest is finished, she may disappear, depending on your actions.  When you exit the office, you'll see the captain on the path. Don't talk to him yet. Head back to the big dock
On the dock are two gentleman, one next to a rowboat.  Talk to the guy with the rowboat, and steal it. enter the rowboat to travel to a small island.  The guy in black is a Real Estate agent, talk to him to get the brothel listed. re-enter the rowboat.  Talk to the mage in blue, and agree to the teleport (the ship captain WILL sail you to the same place, but why waste 40 gold??)
You will appear on a wharf.  The blue haired gentleman on the wharf will teleport you back to Oceania.  The other guy will send you somewhere else, after you get his quest. There are two main buildings here, a warehouse and an (over-priced) bar. Lets enter the bar first.  What we are hoping to find (it may take 3-4 times, entering and exiting) is a light blue haired girl (Bulma) in the lower right. talk to her, and the bar owner will try to throw her out-buy her a meal for 50 gold. On future days, Bulma will be waiting outside the bar. One of the gentleman in this bar also rents mercenaries.
Enter the warehouse, and move slightly north until you can see the merchant on the north wall. If there is NOT a blue haired girl next to him exit (the door is at the yellow spot) and try again. It might take several attempts.  When she appears, walk up and talk to her. The merchant will offer to sell her to you for 2000 gold.  When you tell him thats too much, he'll tell you he'll trade her for a favor- stealing from the bar owner next door.  Agree.  Walk back to the bar, and talk to the bartender. Agree to work 8 hours for 35 gold. When he sends you downstairs.  Hidden rooms are often behind paintings... as for the logic problem, if 3 cats catch 1 mouse in 1 minute, and 3 mice in 3 minutes, and 10 mice in 10 minutes.. how many DO you need to catch 100 mice in 100 minutes?  After you leave, be sure to visit the warehouse to pick up your new slave (currently, Sakuraba Aoi).
Walk west from the warehouse entrance then hit "space" to change screens. You'll see the "Dock's" brothel.  Talk to the salesman, but again don't buy it. Walk back to the wharf, then head north to the next screen.
You are at the auction courtyard.  north is the entrance to the city, south goes to the wharf, east and west lead to slums.  there is a slave merchant here, and an item merchant.  On the path west, you can see two doors.  Enter the second door, the one in the brick building. Introduce yourself to the hunter. Eventually, he is going to start offering you bounty quests, so be sure to check in with him every few days. Continue west to the next screen. as you cross this map, notice the real estate salesman- again, talk to him, but don't buy. Exit the slums to the west. 
On this screen, two large paths intersect. For the moment, keep going west to the next screen.  As you follow the road, you will see a large building to the north.  This is the "outskirts brothel".  It costs 20,000 gold.  Talk to the agent to get a listing.  A little further down the road is an owl in a tree. As you walk by the owl, he will talk to you, giving you some sage advice.  If you keep talking to him long enough (roughly 10 times), he will give you a gift.  Otherwise, he will recite  that speech every time you pass him.  After dealing with the owl, head back east, then go north at the crossroads.
Follow the path north.  About half-way up, you'll see a lumber jack next a fire pit.  Talk to him, and learn how to cut wood. Keep following the path until you exit on the east side. Keep going east past the church, real estate office, inn, north city entrance and army camp to the next screen.  Keep traveling east, until the sign post.  Don't go into the desert yet, follow the path north
You will quickly reach a check point.  Hit "space", and then keep heading north.  Follow the road north and west, and enter the tunnel to the north, into the Mountain Kingdom.
Walk north into the town until your path is blocked by 2 guards.  The 4 buildings on the northern edge are the Hot House brothel, Romeo's house, the jewelers, and the inn.  Head to the Inn.  Once in the inn, talk to the slaver (north wall, purple cap). He has a problem with a slave- tell him you'll help him with it.  The guy in the blue outfit is from the slavers guild-ignore him for now.  Talk to the manager on the south end of the counter.  Tell him you'll deliver the drinks. Exit the inn. Walk back to the west, and talk to the girl by the fountain.  Go ahead and check the fountain next to her, then walk south, and check the fountain next to the cat girl.
There are 3 buildings to your west (naked chick, new blacksmith, old blacksmith).  All the way to the west, you can see the entrance to the mine.  Enter the Old blacksmith's shop.  Walk to the man in gold, and order the shackles.  Check the time- you lost 8 hours working in the Pub, but it should still be before 6AM- when a new day starts. Walk into the mine
Ignore the first gentleman-thats the foreman, and you have drinks to deliver. The first guy will take his drink right away, the second will take a drink, then will ask you to deliver some stuff to the jeweler.  Check the level on the pool of water next to him. The third will ask you to buy him a pick axe, then take his drink when you talk to him again. The last guy (Maurice) is asleep, and you can ignore him.   Exit the mine, enter the old blacksmith's shop.  Buy a pick axe from the blacksmith for 25 gold. Go to the the jeweler. get 100 gold for the gems.  Go to inn, get 100 gold from drinks. Head back to the mine.  This time, talk to the foreman. Go give the 3rd miner his pick axe, and get another 100 gold.  then wake up Maurice.  Return to the foreman, collect 200 gold. Exit the mine.
At the southern end of town is the last pool, and a blonde girl on a bench. Check the pool, then talk to the girl.  You already know where the jeweler, "Daddy" is one of the men in the tavern.
Day 2-3
You have probably already passed 6:00, and entered day 2. This is going to be a short day, so no worries.  If not, rather than walking all the way back to the island brothel, we are going to speed up time.  Press "0" until the time is running fairly quickly.  At 6:00 AM, You'll see a days end report, telling you if you made any money at your brothel. After the report ends, press the "9" key again to slow down the clock. Save your game.
You should have at least 875 gold from the mountain city quests. We are going to use it to buy the desert brothel.  (when you hit "escape" to see your battle party, your total gold is listed in bottom left corner)
Follow the main path south, until you hit the wall.  There is really a tunnel there- the game SHOULD automatically let you exit, but you may need to press "space". Follow the path east and south. Notice the bees and goblins as you walk by the turn off to "ryleh". At this point (main hero, Tashigi) you could probably beat the fireflies probably beat the fireflies easily, and the goblin without taking too much damage, but we're going to ignore them.  Keep going south off the screen.  You'll encounter the checkpoint again, you'll have to press space to get by. continue south to the next screen. Follow the path south at the turn off, into the desert realm yet.  
When the path splits, you should see a bill board to the east.  Walk up to the bill board and press "space". check both the left and right sides.  I am 90% sure you will only see an ad from the tumbleweed inn asking for eggs, but you may see a wanted poster.  go back to the western path, and talk to the guy selling camels. He will pay you 100 gold for some salt. Continue around the lake. You should see another real estate agent.  talk to the agent, if you have the money, buy the Sandy shack.  Otherwise, continue south down the stairs.  On the next screen, you should see some salt bags to the west, and a birds nest to the east. grab the salt, then get the eggs. An old man is probably near the eggs, listening to seashells.  If you talk to him here, and later in his house, he might leave you something in his will. It will require a trip to the graveyard.. but you're a hero.
Return the salt for your money, and buy the sandy shack.  The inn is the large building to the east of the brothel.  Enter the inn, watch the old man gripe about eggs.  Sell some eggs to the cook. There is another slave merchant here, and a guild rep.  Exit the inn, and enter the desert brothel.  Use the "move girl" button to transfer one of your girls, so you have one in each brothel.  Make sure they are both assigned to a workroom tonight.
Now go back to the bill board- hopefully, you'll see a wanted poster now. if not, it should appear in 2 or 3 checks.   Read the poster, and save your game.
Walk directly east, following the path, then slightly south to the edge of the screen. click "space" to move to the desert.  You should see the captain of the guard standing over a body, and some footprints in the sand.  Track Farley to the nomad camp. As you pass the girl on the path exiting the camp to the west, Viper will ask you what you're doing, then try to beat you to Farley.  Follow her into the cave. When Farley sets the force barricade, you need to change the ring of crystals to the correct color. When you are stopped by the pit, talk to Viper- she will move the board and join your party. Check your battle party, and adjust her battle position to a front position.  The 3 of you (your hero, Tagashi and Viper) should quickly trash Farley.  Turn him in for the reward.
After the scene with the guard captain, save your game.  The Desert quest has some slight variations at this point, based on the hero you chose. But they all start with Soi Fon talking to you as you attempt to enter the Sandy Shack. 
After talking to Stan, walk back to the mountain kingdom.  Talk to the old blacksmith to get your magic shackles,   then talk to the slaver at the Inn. Add Asuna to one of your brothels.  (note-any time you purchase/receive a new girl, if you don't have enough beds in your various brothels, they will automaticaly be sent to the guild rep.  You can switch the girls at the guild, or retrieve them later when you have more beds. For me,  somewhere around 168 girls, the new girls being added disappeared for me, instead of being added.)
Asuna is typical of a combat slave- no weapons, and no gear until you buy or equip it.  If you've got the money, buy a cheap sword for her, and add her to the battle party.
You now have a enough combat personell to make a full battle party. Unfortunately, at least 3 of them (Viper, Tashigi, and Asuma) are melee fighters, and your battle party only has 3 front positions . You can either start on one of those quest lines you've opened, wander into the heartland, or try to earn more money to get another slave.  I would recommend you grind against the kobolds on the road to Ryleh. (not counting harpies or the proto dragon, you can make around 1100 gold a cycle fighting the kobolds, besides improving your combat zones)
This zone has a road running straight road running east to west on it.  When you first entered, you should have seen 2 teddy bears with red bandanas patrolling just north and south of the road.  These are Kobolds, and each one is a group of 2.  There are 6 of them spread out along the road.  These guys used to be weaker (500 hp, hit for 80-120), but now they are much tougher- about 800 hp each, and hit for around 200 hp.  Save before each fight, until you get the hang of fighting them. Don't be shy about heading back to the old blacksmith in the mountain town to buy more healing potions, smelling salts, and magic potions.  Each fight will give you 70 gold, and about 1 in 5 will also drop a poisoned dagger.  Each dagger is worth 200 gold, so you can get 100 sellling them to merchants. You should also be increasing your constitution/hp, from the damage you'll be taking.  After you've killed the 6 groups, simple exit the zone on the west side,  re-enter, to fight them again.  
some Other Free Mercs/slave
After spending about 300 gold on Bulma, she'll leave with the comment "There must be something I can do".  The next day, instead of meeting her at the bar, go north from the square instead of south, to see her attempting to get into the city. You can then hire her as a sex merc (non-combat, "free agent", 25 gold per day, but she can work in any brothel, and doesn't use a bed).  The next day, you can capture Android 18 attempting to break through the same gate (normal slave)
In the zone west of the the outskirts brothel, you'll see a path to the north with a guard next to it.  This leads to the forest.  The first time you pass the guard, he'll give you some medications, and you'll run into a barbarian fighting a troll. If you've got 2 people in your party, you can probably win (you, the barb, and someone else).  After the fight, depending on your class, the barb will offer to join you as a merc for free, join for 1000 gold, or give you a piece of armor.
Later (I believe it is after you purchase the outskirts brothel, but I might be wrong), you can find Terra Brandford in the second zone of the woods (you'll see a bunch of dead/dying soldiers in the first zone when Terra appears)
Another quest that opens after you've purchased the outskirts brothel is the Tifa/Aertih/Yuffie chain
Heartland Demons(does NOT need outskirts brothel)- a peasant next to a path asks you to stop some demons.  If you go north at the bridge, you'll eventually find 2 girls fighting.  One will run off , but you can capture the other (Temari).  You'll probably run into a couple of ogres in wandering encounters on the way.

Starter quest chains- Ruined Fishing Hut Brothel
(this one was broken for me- maybe because I owned all the girls as slaves (Ino, Revy, and Vivi) before I started this quest- It is probably finished/fixed now, but I'll explain it as I ran across it)
As mentioned above, you visit the Burgomeister, and are given an escort mission, and Tashigi.  When you talk to the captain in the path, you are immediately sent on a ship.  You end up fighting pirates who board the ship (about 12-15 fights, of 3 random pirates each before you chase Ino off the ship). After the fight, Tashigi leaves your party.  The next time you enter your island brothel, you are ambushed by Ino for some sex.  In the middle of the night, you realize it's a distraction, and have the choice of staying or heading out to join the fighting. 
When I left to join the fighting, I ran into Tashigi at the manor fence near the slave trader(probably a bug, she's appearing too early- her dialogue has references to finding some new clothes) and joins the party. On the main island, you'll see the captain you sailed with previously,and Tashigi (again!) next to the warehouse on the hill in the southeast corner (near the water elemental). Tashigi will join your party again, and you have a long fight in the warehouse (lots of chests with healing items). At the end of the warehouse fight, you run into Vivi, and Tashigi loses her clothes).  I believe Tashigi left the party again at that point.
Finally, you enter the burgomeister's office again- she has another mission for you.  She'll assign both Tashigi and Revy to you as mercenaries... and thats where it stopped for me.  

Starter quest for Hot house
After you wake up Maurice, the next time you enter the mine, the foreman will mention that some creatures broke through the walls and kidnapped him. you fight lava slimes (very weak), Lobolds (pretty much Kobolds, but with some being shamen) and finally a Fire Elemental in order to rescue him. (the slimes drop LOTS of weak healing potions)
After rescueing Maurice, the next time you attempt to enter the hot house, you get arrested for murder.  the Local lord has been killed, and the guy in charge of the investigation doesn't really care who he blames.  Natasha (a healer) is added to your party as a merc.  You talk to a couple people in town, before the investigation moves to the Lords estate.  
At the lords estate, you run around the house finding 5 clues (the hotspots are marked by yellow circles- 4 inside the building and one on a roof).  when you leave the estate, you investigate the Fire and Ice cultists who are causing a nuisance.  
You then follow a couple of suspicious rabbits into the misty woods, until you finally find their camp (If you keep heading North, you'll find it eventually the camp. If you keep going east, you'll find a fortress filled with robots... where the rabbits are not)
When you find the rabbits, you have to make a decision about what to tell the investigator- blame the rabbits, the fire cult, or the ice cult (no chance to save, so if you want to see all 3 branches, save before you exit to north on each screen).  
If you blame the fire cult.. they get annoyed for being declared the fall guys, and try to blow up the volcano.  You raid the temple, and have several fights.  Just before the boss fight, you capture a offworld mage who has joined the Fire cult (new slave). After you defeat the boss, you are given the use of an offworld slave who has joined the Ice cult (free agent sex mercenary).[remember, keep "bleed" on boss for faster fight, and have LOTS of healing/resurection items]  Also, Fran and her friend are added to the mercenaries available to hire (just fighting/guarding, no workroom sex) Natasha is removed from your party at this point.

Starter quest chain- Sandy Shack
First, you capture Farley and Viper joins you as a mercenary.  
Stan makes his offer, and you either help his brother rob a temple, or if you are Aelia, you have the choice of capturing Stan's brother for ransom.
If you help the brother, you end up fighting and capturing Ishtar at her temple.  If you ransom him, you ambush him after HE fights Ishtar- and you still get Ishtar as a slave.
Mummies now arise from the desert (right away, or after you use the stone). If you helped rob the pyramid, Stan arrests his brother.  If you kidnapped him, the brother is left at the desert camp.  Soi-Fon is added to your party as a mercenary.  Mummies are vulnerable to fire, and it is your choice whether to kill the ones on the surface. (they repop, and you don't have to kill them, but they are weak, and it helps build your stats).  Enter the cave, and make your way to the rear (boss is on back right, Earth elemental is on back left- I don't think you have to kill any of the VISIBLE mummies except the boss, and you will get random fights)
You exit the cave, to find you've made the situation worse- More, stronger mummies have appeared, and have broken the lines.  Soi-Fon leaves the party to rescue Stan.  You can either help her, or attempt to rescue Stan's brother from the prison.
(Final reward is determined by your choice)
Finally, you get Ishtar to talk.  Soi-fon rejoins the party, and you re-locate to nomad camp.  You can't enter the desert city until you finish quest, but you CAN go back to the road north of the desert (by mountain checkpoint), and although your brothel has been "evacauated", you can still assign the girls in the brothel to the workroom, and get paid (you just have to cut the orders from another brothel)
Its a long slog through the second pyramid, until the final boss.  When you hit the final boss, you face an "ancient curse", and several mummies.  The curse has about 60k hp, and (for me) has an off-screen health bar (she is too big to fit on the screen).  Again, it is best to use "bleed" on the curse while you clear out the weaker mummies, and have a meatshield with 3000 or so hp to resurrect people after they get killed.
After you defeat the boss, the desert city is re-opened, and you get your reward.
If Stan survives, and his brother dies- you get no money, but Soi-Fon as a combat mercenary (no sex)
If Stan dies, and his brother survives- you get paid, and Soi-Fon is transferred to you as a slave.
If both Stan and his brother survive- (Aelia ransom)- you don't get paid, and Soi-Fon is transfered to you as a free-agent mercenary (sex or combat)

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Just some comments about the state of the art...

  • Actually, all MCs have been balanced a bit, and now even the weakest can beat some enemies. In particular the new small scorpions on the desert, and the small bees on the mountain, if you need somewhere to start.
  • Aaralon is like most mages. They are weak at the beginning, and they really benefit a lot from being in the back row covered by other party members, so yeah, when you start alone with Aaralon it's pretty complicated. They are planned to be great later, when you get more powerful skills, but that may be in need of balance.
  • Battle system still needs to be balanced, and some fixes need to be done. Bleed and other OP alter states will be balanced too, so don't trust too much on them.
  • If mercenaries cost has been increased, that's probably due to their stats being increased (I know I increased their stats to make them a bit more useful, but I can't confirm this)
  • We changed map transfers to be automatic, but we may have missed some. If you have a list of maps that need to be adjusted, please tell us (doors are an exception).
  • Most shortcuts have been changed. They use CTRL + key now. By just pressing CTRL you should see a cheatsheet with the main shortcuts. Options window has been redesigned too. You can set the game speed to real time there now, though we may add exclusive content for certain hours/days/seasons in the future (you will be notified through the news if that happens)

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