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Can someone make a tutorial on how to create a new girl? Or do you have to be one of the developers to do that?

i tried copying a 'stats' page from the folders with pictures but the page won't let me edit it so I can't half ass it by editing the things I want.
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Jul 9 15 11:15 AM

You can't change the stats of a girl in a started game, the changes will only take effect on a newly started game. (unless the girl is new that is)
That said, for consideration on public upload the girl gona need:
 - 5 Work pics:

  • The easiest condition to fulfill, but there are some restrictions, the pics must have the girl and one unrecognizable male in a sexual situation, they must also be less than 800x600.
  • Non valid pics can often be edited to match the requirements (faces can be removed, extra males can be made to disapear, ecc), include such pics if you don't find anything valid for the girl, but keep it to a separate folder.
 - The sprite
  • This one is the hardest and gona need some effort, you need to draw the sprite and all the clothes on separate files.
  • To do this without going mad you gona need a pic editing software capable of layers. (GIMP is the one i personally use, but i heard Photoshop and Paint.net are equally capable of it)
  • Some stuff need to be further split into two files sometimes, hairs are the most common, one file will be drawn on top of the clothes (front hairs) the other behind it (back hairs), this is done so that when the girl is clothed the back hairs will be hidden, but shown when you undress her.
  • You will also need a final compiled sprite on top of the parts, (just export a png with all the layers shown).
  • The templates for the girls bodies can be found here: Templates
  • Some tutorials by lona can be found here: Sprite Drawing Tutorials
 - The items xml files
  • Once you have each sprite you need to make an item out of the clothes (hairs will be defined inside the actor xml later on), take the template for items ("\Data\Equipment\read me!\Armors.xml") and fill it in, note that not all tags must be necessarily filled, you probably only gona need the Id, Slot, Name, Description, Dynamic_Sprite and Requirements.
  • For dynamic sprite draw index use this as a reference "\Data\Equipment\read me!\Index reference.txt".
  • The id must be unique, a list of currently used ids can be found in "\Data\Equipment\read me!\Armor Id number, UPDATE THIS EVERY TIME! - kopie.txt".
  • If you can't make sense of the xml you can just make a list of name and descriptions, a dev will eventually compile the xml.
 - The stats
  • Finally you gona need to take the template ("\Graphics\Pictures\StatsTemplate.xml") and fill it in, like the items if you can't make sense of the xml you can also make a list of stats and traits and a dev will compile it eventually.
  • The id must be unique, a list of currently used ids can be found in "\Graphics\Pictures\Last used Id number, UPDATE THIS EVERY TIME!.txt".
Once you have all that pack it up into a floder mimiking the game structure and upload to a fileshare, then post it in the forums, talking to us directly on the chat will make us aware of the pack earlier, but eventually someone will notice it.
  • Work pics and actor xml in "\Graphics\Pictures\Series Name - Girl Name\"
  • Sprites parts in "\Graphics\Characters\Series Name\"
  • Compiled sprite in "\Graphics\Characters\Girl Name Charset.png"
  • Equipment xml in "\Data\Equipment\Series Name.xml"
Note that all this is for the girl to be officaly added to the game, if you only want her (or him) in your own game you can skip some of those steps. (not necessary to have a sprite, compile the item xmls, or have any pics, you WILL need the actor xml to be compiled)
When modding your local copy you also need to either recompile the cache with the new data or activate the slower startup xml import process, instructions for that can be found here: Modding tutorial

Edit: XML files are just plain text, any text editor can open them, and once you are done can be saved to .xml extension.
Notepad++ highlights the tags so it makes it easier to work with the XMLs files.

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Nov 28 16 2:32 AM

If i play as Aelia and want to get Maya as a slave, or if i play Maya and want to get Aelia as a slave, do i need to make a copy of their respective folders (with the name of their source, like Occult Academy) and in the new folders change the type from "Player" to "Slave" in the stats.xml? And should i do that, do i run the risk of losing either character as a playable character?

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Nov 28 16 9:33 AM

Yes, changing Player to Slave in a copy of the folder should work (folder name doesn't actually matter). The player character won't be affected as long as you don't edit their original folder, but you'll be able to buy yourself if you play as the character you copied. Just remember to recompile the cache (delete Cache.rxdata from the Data folder) and start a new game for your changes to take effect.

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